May 04, 2022

Ten Evenings with God by 
Ilia Delio, OSF

I am so excited to share my favorite book of all time with you. It is a special book that I revisit often. It is one of those books that offers new wisdom the more you read it. I didn’t find Ten Evenings with God by Ilia Delio, it found me. I was roaming through the gift shop at St. Jude’s Cathedral in St. Petersburg, Florida many years ago looking for a first communion gift and stumbled upon the used book rack. Confession: I love books, and I love used books even more! As I was pulling out a beautifully bound book, Ten Evenings with God hopped off the shelf. I liked the description on the back of the book and added it to my collection at the counter. The first time I began reading it, I fell in love with the profound way that Sister Ilia poetically expresses what happiness is and how much God loves to live through us in a big yet un-intimidating way. Enjoy!  “As we grow in understanding the will of God as the love of God, we let go of the expectations and demands we usually place on ourselves and allow ourselves to stand open in creation.” Ilia Delio

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