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The One Way to Your Love, Miracles and Your Dreams


“The decisions I made as an eight-year-old trying to protect myself and my sister became not only a coping system but a way of life that I forgot to outgrow.” 

~ Sharon Stone The Beauty of Living Twice


Most of us create these coping systems as children to avoid pain or some kind of discomfort. However, when carried into adulthood, these coping systems become ingrained in us as unconscious blocks or self-sabotaging habits. It is not until we do the work, the self-discovery work that reveals where our true self was traded for what we thought was safety.  Perhaps these coping systems while in childhood did achieve some level of safety, relatively speaking, but when we become adults, independent, and with the desire to move on, it is those very habits and stories that stump us in our pursuit of more. Self-sabotage, our inner critic, and old stories cling to us like a bee to honey. It is perhaps the reason Aristotle’s words, “Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom” is considered one of the most profound quotes in history.  Why then don’t more people seek to understand who they truly are? It is a daunting question and invites another question, how? 

“Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom.”  


Wouldn’t it be great if there were simple step-by-step directions for you to get there? While there are proven steps that work, this journey of discovery is quite different for each and every one of us. Starting from the beginning is always a good start, but for many, it appears too painful and it just seems simpler to continue living the way they are rather than revisiting the pain in order to get the past out of their present. 

"People don’t change until their desire to change is greater than their desire to remain the same."

~said by many, in a variety of ways 

People don’t change until their desire to change is greater than their desire to remain the same.  This explains why so many people have to hit rock bottom or at least something pretty uncomfortable before they are inspired enough to do something about it. Nothing ever grows while nestled in comfort, therefore the only way to truth, healing, joy, and freedom is through the discomfort.  


We are masters at doing whatever we have to avoid pain, we are wired this way, it is a protection mechanism. Unfortunately, we develop these self-protecting systems, which become habits which become behaviors, which become beliefs, which become our life as small naïve, and innocent children.  We are also wired to believe that familiarity equals safety, therefore these familiar ways in which we have lived for so long feel safe to us. Carrying them into adulthood is quite the opposite. What was once intended to protect us from our pain, now only protects us from what we want, a better life. There’s a mysterious fear that keeps us from looking inward in order to resolve this discourse. And yet as George Addair once said, “Everything you’ve ever wanted is sitting on the other side of fear.” 

“Everything you’ve ever wanted is sitting on the other side of fear.” 

~George Addair

Not much of a sales pitch to do the work is it? But if you look at the whole picture it really is. Temporary discomfort or pain is no match for the reward of endless freedom to pursue our dreams and live with joy.  That’s not to say that once the work is done life will be problem-free, however, it is amazing how we handle the bumps when we are not using outdated beliefs and sabotaging systems.  


I believe each of us is on this planet to learn a lesson.  I believe that at the center of our greatest pain, lies our greatest lessons.  I believe at the heart of each of our lessons is love.  First to love all of ourselves in order for us to truly love others.  Love is the most powerful force in the universe, why not pay the price to harness it?  After all, this is where miracles are born.


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